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Punk rock, radical, vertical surfing.

This was the dream of a few teens taking the 57 to the 53 bus every day from Santa Ana, CA, to the beach, surfing with borrowed beat-up boards and no wetsuits. With this dream and the frustration of not having access to affordable surfboards, DMA was born. 

Founder and Owner, Steve Lopez, has been surfing in Huntington Beach and throughout the Orange County area since the age of 13. Supporting the local HB community, and establishing trusting relationships with his clients, while quickly delivering high-quality surfboards is the essence of his brand. DMA gained recognition in the surf community when pro surfer, Hira Teriinatoofa, represented DMA in the World Surf League tour in 2015. Requests for sponsorships from local surfers participating in competitions quickly emerged, establishing DMA as a respected local HB board brand. 

Part of the DMA mission is to give back to the HB community that has provided so much support. Artistic DMA board designs can be spotted at many locations throughout the city, including at the Huntington Beach Police Department, Rad Power Bikes at Pacific City, and at HQ Gastropub off Main Street, where the Rock Band series is displayed. Yearly participation as a committee member for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a great honor for DMA, allowing this sport to be of service and bring awareness to vital organizations. DMA continues to seek the core of radical surfing by creating dynamic, high-performance, innovative board designs made locally in HB’s backyard to surf waves worldwide.
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